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IELTS Academic Task 1 Correction: Percentage Of Water Used For Different Purposes.

The charts below show the percentage of water used for different purposes in six areas of the world.

Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

You should write at least 150 words.

Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 11.29.02 AM.png


The pie charts compare the use of water for three different purposes in six regions of the world.

Overall, the highest percentage of water is used of in agricultural land (used for the agricultural purpose) in all countries regions, (“countries” is not the right synonym for regions. Moreover, these are not countries) except North America and Europe where most of the water is used for industrial purposes. The least percentage of water is used for domestic purposes in North America, Europe, and South East Asia(Mention the minimum and the maximum in this paragraph so that this paragraph is about COMPARISON between the three uses of water.)

For the industrial purpose, in North America and Europe, a similar quantity of water is used which is around 50 percent. In contrast, all other four countries regions (areas) utilize approximately 5 to 12 percent of water and the lowest by consumption is in Central Asia. (Paragraph on main features of industrial purpose and comparison between regions. Good.)

Comparatively, for agricultural purpose, Central Asia consumes 88 percent of water, which is the highest among all regions figure on the chart. While, Africa and South East Asia showed a similar usage of water, South America uses 70 71 percent. The remaining two continents use it the least, accounting for just around a third of the total. (Paragraph on main features of agricultural purpose and comparison between regions. Good.)

Finally, for household use, North America and Europe utilized (maintain present tense) utilize a similar percentage of water. This is followed by Africa, Central Asia and South America where around 9 percent water is used. South America consumes 19 percent of water, which is the highest figure for this purpose. (Paragraph on main features of domestic purpose and comparison between regions. Good.)

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  1. The the pie charts depict the information about the percentage of water consumption for different purposes in six areas of the world

    It can be clearly seen that in North America II was 13% used water for domestic purpose and 39% Water used for agriculture. Although the highest use of water was 48% in industrial areas. besides this the use of water in South America and Europe for domestic work 19% and 15% respectively.However the use of water for agriculture in South America was almost doubled than Europe and that was 71% in South America and 32% in Europe.

    On the other hand, a major portion of water consumption could be observed in the agriculture sector and this was more than 80% in Africa and Asia went into the agricultural fields. The range of used water in Africa and Asia was 5 % to 12% in industrial sector.Moreover the use of water in household works was near 7 -9% in Africa and Asia.


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