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IELTS Essay Correction: English Language Tests Delivered On Computer.

High stakes English language tests, such as the IELTS, are increasingly being delivered on the computer.

Do the advantages of computer-based testing outweigh the disadvantages?

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


The use of computer-based testing for assessing high-end English language examinations such as CELBAN and IELTS has drawn much discussion amongst the public. Personally, I am inclined towards the view that computer-based testing it (do not repeat. Use a pronoun) has more benefits than its drawbacks. (compare benefits with drawbacks, not with ‘its drawbacks’.)

On the one hand, some people feel that computer-based exams are it is more inconvenient than paper-based tests. The primary reason for this is that not all people are familiar with the use of technology. (1) For example, the older population have difficulties with regards to (… difficulties in operating …) operating computers which makes make (which refers back to difficultiesit harder for them to take the exams. (2) Consequently, this may affect their test results or their performance. (performance = test results. This can be made more specific – Consequently, they may not be able to complete the test in time and, despite the ability to perform, they will not achieve the expected score.)

1. It will be better if you elaborate on this idea in one sentence before jumping to the example. The primary reason for this is that not all people are familiar with the technology. Many individuals are accustomed to using paper and neither their typing speed nor their ability to use a mouse matches that of the youngsters. (Note the use of cohesive devices – and, neither, nor. that of is a referencing device.)

2. Your score will improve if you write more specifically and move beyond difficulties with computers. Which difficulties? Name them as I’ve done in point 1.

On the other hand, people benefit from computer-delivered tests in several ways. Firstly, it offers they offer (subject = tests) quality control which prevents the incidence of cheating. Several security measures, such as the installation of lock-down browsers, have been implemented to ensure that the test is under a controlled set-up. This limits the chances of examinees peeking through screens and copying from others. (This is very well argued. Good job! Sentence structure, parallelism, cohesion are good.) Apart from this, it also provides more testing opportunities. To exemplify this, (3) individuals who wish to take the tests on this platform have more options than that of those who take (you’re comparing two sets of individuals. Wrong pronoun.) paper-based testing. (HOW? The idea is unexplained.) Finally, organizations also benefit from this as they already have the flexibility to design their testing programs including the frequency of exams and whether or not they would continuously administer it on a daily basis (Do not cram too much into the idea statement. Keep it simple and then explain in a greater detail in the following sentences. 4.). In the long-run, this gives them more income as they provide options for examinees.

3. This is NOT an example. Plus, over-use of cohesive devices, particularly at places where they are not needed, will reduce your score. Do not insert them unnecessarily.

4. Finally, organizations also benefit from this since it allows them to flexibly design the tests. (Now, explain the meaning of ”flexibly design”) They have the option of taking the exam at any time and make changes in the exam pattern at a short notice. This is not possible for paper-based tests since a lot of printing and related supply chain constraints exist.

You’ve raised three points in the above paragraph. But you’ve explained only one. Prefer raising fewer points but explain them properly.

To conclude, I personally (‘I’ includes ‘personally’) think that the administration of examinations through computers offers more advantages. If this trend continues, both the companies and the public will immensely benefit from it.

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