IELTS Cue Card, September 2018: A City In Your Country.

Describe a city in your country that you would like to visit. Please say

– What and where is it?
– What can people do there?
– Why do you want to go there?


NOTE: I’ve framed the answer on “a religious city”. You can make a similar choice as per your religious beliefs. For other options, please watch the video.

I belong to India and this is a diverse country with several beautiful cities. I would love to visit Banaras, a world-famous religious city. This is an ancient city and some historians term it as the most ancient continuously inhabited city in the world. It is in the eastern part of Uttar Pradesh, a province in North India.

Visitors to this city can do a lot of religious activities. Firstly, they can get a sense of Hindu religious ideology. They can see puja on the banks of river Ganga, the most sacred river in India. Secondly, they can visit the famous Hindu temples. Banaras has more than 100 temples and almost all of them have historical and religious significance.

This place is often considered as the birthplace of Hinduism and all devoted Hindus wish to visit this place at least once in their lifetime. Since I am a Hindu, I wish to visit this place in the near future. Moreover, my aunt and uncle live there and they have been inviting us for a long time. However, due to work-related compulsions, I could not visit them. I wish to see them as well.


– Will you go there by yourself or with friends? Well, I will visit there with my family. My parents and my wife will join me for paying obeisance to the Gods.
– When do you plan to do it? I’m a Hindu by practice and, as I’ve just stated, I wish to pay obeisance to the Gods. Moreover, I plan to visit my aunt and uncle.
– How will it make you feel when you are there? I think I will feel more spiritual. I have been chasing material goods for a long time. I think it is time to search for some spirituality.
– When is the best time to visit it? I think this city faces extreme summers and, since it is an old city, there is a severe water stress during this season. Moreover, rains often clog the city and it impossible to visit during the monsoon. I guess the best time is before winter and after the monsoon. That is the months of October and November. 

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