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IELTS Essay Correction: Internet Replacing Regular Books.

Nowadays, for many people, the internet is replacing regular books. What do you think will happen in the future and what is your opinion about this trend?

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


The advent of the internet has changed many preferences of people, one of which is a the reading style. In recent years, many people give precedence to electronic books (1) over regular books. In my opinion, this is a positive development and this shift seems to will become more common in the future. (Tense mismatch. seems to = present tense.)

1. The essay is not on electronic books. It is on the internet. These two are not the same. Loss of task response.

It will be better if you mention the ways in which this is a positive development.

To begin with, (You’ve already begun with the introduction) giving importance to the internet for reading books (2) has some positive implications. Firstly, electronic books (task response is weak) provide the ease of portability. Since people can read them on portable devices such as mobile phones, laptops and so on, reading can be experienced anywhere, for instance, even while traveling. On top of it, readers have the option to change the size and style of fonts such as italics and bold, which prompt make the reading experience more fascinating (pleasant). In addition, the internet offers the facility of audiobooks. This is a great benefit because knowledge of books can be acquired by just listening to the content of books, and listening requires less concentration than reading words and (understanding) sentences(let us compare listening and reading. I guess you need to understand the sentences in both.)

2. You’ve severely restricted the scope of the question. INTERNET = videos, articles, games, e-books. Regular books are just one component of the internet. Task response score suffers.

In future, (Will it seem to you in future (not now)? Wrong placement can completely change the meaning of a sentence) it seems to me that practice of relying on the internet for reading will be more prevalent in the future. This is due to the ease of using websites such as and from where one can easily access audio as well as eBooks for free of cost. Moreover, it is evident from the fact (from which fact?) that an indeterminate number of classical books is being converted into pdfs. So so that, (no comma) readers can obtain the ancient wisdom. (Will they not get this wisdom from regular books – paper publishing?) Thus, in near and distant future, it seems that regular (conventional) books will become outdated and obsolete things of the past. (The argument is not properly developed.)

The conclusion Thus, dependence on the internet for reading is, indeed, a positive trend because of portability that e-books allow, and audio book service that internet offers. In future, this trend tends to will (mixing of the present tense in the future tense) become increasingly a common phenomenon.

The essay is weak on task response. While the arguments are clearly and logically developed in BP 1, the second point in BP 2 is not well executed. Sentence structures are wrong at a few places. Bands = 6.5.

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