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IELTS Essay Correction: Same Global Language In Future.

“Scientists predict that all the people will choose to talk the same global language in the future.”

Do you think this is a positive or negative development?

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


Many scientists have anticipated that nearly everyone in the world would prefer to use a global language for communication in the future. In my opinion, having only one language would result in the demise of national cultures and the loss of translation jobs for the masses.

Many national cultures would will die, (no comma) if people decide to use one language to communicate (Many cultures would die if people decided to use one language to communicate.). This is because language is intrinsically linked with the culture. When people prioritize an international language over the local one, it would not be possible for them to pass their heritage, literature, and folklore to the future generations. For instance, a recent report generated in 2015 by Bath University has suggested that despite understanding the widely spoken language (1) English, officials in many European countries prefer to communicate in their national languages, (no comma) in order to preserve their culture. Thus, using an only one international language for all communications in the future would adversely affect the cultural values. (This is NOT the question. We’re still using an international language. The question is about people speaking the SAME language. I’ve made relevant changes – only one, all communications)

1. Structural issue: They’re not understanding ‘the widely spoken language’. They understand English. Put ‘the widely spoken language’ as a modifier. For instance, a recent report by Bath University has suggested that although many European officials understand English, a widely spoken language, they prefer to communicate in their national languages in order to preserve them.

In addition, thousands of people around the globe would will lose their jobs if we decide to speak a only one global language in the future. There are people who work as translators in the tourism industry. They act as interpreters of foreign languages (a foreign language) in various tourist places. If everybody speaks the same language, there would will be no demand for their skills in the market (If everybody spoke the same language, there would be no …..). This has already been witnessed in many tourist spots. For example, a recent report generated in 2018 by the University of California stated that nearly twenty thousand translators have lost their jobs in the last five years because tourists in the USA are already fluent in English. Therefore, if we choose to speak only one language in the future, it would jeopardize many people’s living livelihood.

The ideas are well developed in both paragraphs. However, there are a few sentence structuring issues (If, Then clause) and article mistakes.

In conclusion, I believe that using an international language for communication would not only adversely affect the national cultures, but also brutally take away jobs from many translators. Thus, this will have serious social and economic consequences.

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