IELTS Cue Card, October 2018: A Party You Recently Attended.

Talk about a party that you recently attended. Please say:

  1. Where was it?
  2. What was the purpose/ occasion?
  3. Who was with you?
  4. Did you like it? Why?


I am an extrovert person and I really enjoy attending parties. Last month, I went to a party of my college alumni association in New Delhi. I went there with my wife.

Every year, my alma mater’s alumni association invites its members for a get-together. The purpose is to keep old friends and acquaintances in touch and to promote network in the community. I could not attend it last year. So, my wife and I decided to travel from Beijing to New Delhi for this wonderful occasion.

I enjoyed spending every moment here. It was a great place to meet my closest friend who now lives in New York. We had a few drinks and shared our memories of college days. Moreover, I met many classmates who are now in different companies at various levels. While some are in the government organizations, others are in non-profit. I was thrilled and excited to learn about their experiences. We also exchanged numbers and decided to stay in touch through social media.

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