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IELTS Essay Correction: Better Imagination and Language Skills Of People Who Read.

People who read for pleasure have better imagination and language skills than those who prefer watching TV. To what extent do you agree?

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


Reading for entertainment is thought to be a more effective way to improve language skills and develop imagination than depending on television TV watching, according to some. (1) I agree that it could stimulate the brain’s creativity and help memorize more words and idioms as well as enhance grammar skills.

1. thought to be = passive voice. It includes the subject (some people), though it is not written. Do not write ‘according to some’.

To begin, (You’ve already begun with the introduction. Do not write this.) reading novels for pleasure, novels in particular, is an excellent way to activate the imagination role of the brain. It stimulates the brain to build an image to link it with the text being read. For example, reading full details of a prime character’s face facial features revokes (revoke is to end something. The correct synonym for stimulate is encourage.) encourages the reader’s brain to start drawing an image in his mind to link it with the character he is reading about. Similarly, reading about aliens and scientific science-related stories (scientific stories) fosters the brain to imagine non-existing objects and characters. Watching TV, on the other hand, limits the imagination at of people and makes them see the characters, places, and events as per the director imagination and view.

Secondly, while reading, the brain does automatically and unconsciously memorizes the spellings of difficult words and new idioms, and learns the correct use of grammar and punctuation. This significantly improves the language skills which are very important for proper communication in the professional life. If people read less and watch TV more, then the number of vocabularies they know their range of vocabulary will decrease drastically and, consequently, their writing skills will be degraded which could will ruin their professional life as a whole. 

The ideas in both body paragraph are clearly written and explained. A comparison between reading and television is aptly developed. Good job!

To conclude, many people (many is an adjective and it must be used with a noun.) think, and I agree, that reading for pleasure is a more effective way than watching TV in of enhancing language skills and imagination at of people than watching television.

There are ways to write a conclusion in a way that does not repeat the introduction. Imagine the big picture. What is the greater impact of your opinion? Look for impacts on the society, economy, environment, etc.

To conclude, I think people should read more instead of watching television since reading improves communication and imagination skills which are important to build a strong career. This is important for a constructive, innovative and economically productive lifestyle.

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