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IELTS Essay Correction: Many Countries Opened Doors To Foreign Tourists – 2.

Since traveling abroad became relatively inexpensive more countries opened their doors for foreign tourists. Is it a positive or negative trend? Give your opinion and include relevant examples.

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


Traveling abroad is taking an interest of many people these days These days, many people are interested in traveling abroad as it has become cheap because of package holiday packages and charter flights. In my opinion, this is a positive development for a country since international tourists bring foreign currency as well as knowledge on of foreign people and culture to local people. Tourism also helps students to gain knowledge on about heritage of other countries.

Tourism is becoming a source of foreign currency in many countries. Tourists spend a lot of money on accommodation, foods, transports (plural of transport is transport.and traditional items when they visit a country to pass spend (use the most appropriate words) their holidays. (The idea is about foreign currency. But the explanation is for income to local people. The idea and explanation are not consistent.) For example, tourism is one of the major economic contributors to the Kingdom of Thailand. In 2016, about 17% of their GDP was earned through this industry. 

Match the idea statement with explanation: International tourism is a major source of income for the residents of a destination.

In addition, local people can also have knowledge on about the culture of other countries by meeting with foreigners. They can learn new things such as clothes, language about the dresses, food, language, and rituals of other countries through interactions with tourists. (no need of writing new things. This seems too weird. Language is not a thing. Plus, in this context, dresses is a better word than clothes.) For instance, I had the opportunity to meet a person from South Korea when I was visiting the Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach of my country. While talking with him, I came to know about the strong work culture and scientific education system of his country which encouraged me to pursue my higher study in South Korea. (What specifically did you learn about the South Korean culture?) Let me present another example in this context: For instance, the inflow of foreign tourists in Bangladesh has made many cities multicultural. One can see German Cafes, Starbucks, Walmart, McDonald’s which have increased the inter-cultural understanding and reduced cultural conflicts.

Finally, cheap (low-cost) traveling makes it easy for the students to visit other countries to see the heritage. They can match their gained knowledge which they acquired through the books. (match and gained knowledge do not communicate the explanation clearly. This enables them to practically experience the stories and chapters they have read in books.) Face to face view of Viewing a place helps them to keep the information in memory for a long time. For example, the students of the architecture department of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology visit India to study the architectural aspects of Taj Mahal in the final year. This tour helps them to gain a knowledge on a magnificent work in architectural viewpoint.(Let us stick to the idea – books + visits) This helps them to supplement the concepts learned in the class with actual work in these marvels. They not only learn about ventilation and light but also about construction materials and landscape.

In conclusion, tourism is definitely a positive development as it brings currency as well as knowledge and information about other countries. 

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