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IELTS Essay Correction: Reason For Learning A Foreign Language.

Some people say that the only reason for learning a foreign language is in order to travel to or work in a foreign country. Others say these are not the only reasons why someone should learn a foreign language.

Discuss both views and give your opinion.


According to some, traveling or working in a country is the only reason one should learn a foreign language, but there can be many other reasons for it. (1) In my opinion, we should learn different international languages not only to know more about the history and the culture of various nations but also to interact better with the native citizens. Perfect parallelism!

1. Let us restructure the sentence so that ‘foreign language’ is the subject. This will help you avoid writing a synonym ‘international’ in the next sentence. Just use a pronoun IT to refer to ‘foreign language’. According to some, a foreign language is necessary only for traveling and working in another country, while others think it is important for numerous reasons. In my opinion, it is important not only ……..

We should have good knowledge of local languages if we wish to work in a nation different other than our own. This will foster better interaction between the teams working on a particular project, eventually improving which will eventually improve the outcomes and thus boosting boost the productivity. (If A leads to B, then B is a dependent clause. Connect it with the main clause using connecting device ‘which‘.) For instance, China has made taking the basic courses in Mandarine mandatory before employment for all foreign nationals. It has improved productivity by 5%. Proficiency in the local language will lead to exploring of untouched tourist places by travellers as one is more likely to converse in the local language so getting travel tips. (Weird sentence structure. To get useful travel tips from the native people and explore untouched tourist spots, foreigners need a basic knowledge of a local language.) I enjoyed visiting a buddhist monestary on my last trip to Bhutan thanks to the tip I got from the taxi driverLast year, I visited Bhutan and my elementary know-how of Bhutanese helped me travel to unknown Buddhist temples in the Himalayas. (Link this with LANGUAGE.)

(No link with ideas expressed in the previous paragraph. Use a cohesive device or phrase) Language Besides these benefits, language is also a key to the local culture and heritage. Many historical books are written in the local languages and historians have to achieve proficiency in them the language to understand the knowledge hidden in these books. Ancient customs and traditions are still prevalent in villages and, if we have to learn them, (2) we should learn have to understand (avoid word repetition – learnthe local language as it is the only way we can communicate clearly (effectively) with them. (One pronoun in a sentence must refer to one noun only. You’ve already used them to refer to customs and traditions. The second them does not refer to any noun.) Knowledge of local language is the only way to interact with (the with citizens is incorrect, but it is correct with residents. Can you guess why?) the citizens the residents of a country and to build a long lasting relationship. (explain the idea thoroughly.) For instance, it is impossible to develop a friendship with the French people without thorough knowledge of the French language.

2. If we have to learn them is an introductory clause and it sets the stage for the main sentence. It is not a part of the main sentence. Keep it within two commas.

In conclusion, though vocational use and travel are the important reasons for learning a language, there are other causes like exploring international history and culture and promoting better relations with locals.

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