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IELTS Task 1 General Correction: Poor Condition Of Roads.

Write a letter to the local council about the poor condition of roads in your area. Include the following in your letter:

– Explain the situation and the roads’ condition.
– How does it affect you and other people?
– Suggest what measures need to be taken, in your opinion.


Dear Mr. Rahman,

I am AK, (No need to write your name. You will do so at the end of the letter – Regards, AK.) a permanent resident of your area. The facilities in this area are excellent other than except the central road which is impassable for commuters and drivers due to path potholes created during rains due to rain(avoid repeating due to)

A major portion of the population living in this area must go to the city every day using the central road which has become a nightmare due to the path potholes. (LR issue.) (1) These was were created due to the heavy rain last week. As a result, the speed of the vehicles is reduced and people are getting late for their (No need of this pronoun) work. (2) The transportation of goods that are produced by the local farmers is also hampered. (3) In addition, the frequency of accidents is also increased has increased (Active Voice) this week which has caused loss of properties and lives.

1. You can avoid using potholes: which has become a nightmare due to the unmotorable condition of the road. (….. due to massive deterioration in road’s surface.) (…. due to the erosion of road’s surface.)

2. This sentence has two parts. The first part uses PASSIVE voice (is reduced) and the second uses Present Continuous Tense. Let us use ACTIVE voice and Simple Present Tense. As a result, the speed of the vehicles reduces (falls) and people get late for work.

3. Though using PASSIVE voice is not a mistake, it is generally not preferred in formal English language writing unless you have no way out. Let us re-write this sentence in active voice with minor modifications: The poor condition of this road also increases the transportation time of fruits, vegetables, and milk products (let us write a bit more specifically by sprinkling a few nouns) that are produced by the local farmers.

You’ve made a good attempt in answering all the questions. However, there is scope to write better by being more specific (mention a few nouns). There are a few LR issues as well. Sentence structuring can be improved at a few places by switching from passive to active voice.

In this circumstance, I would request the local council (request whom?) to repair the road as soon as possible so that people can have their normal life back. Fixing the road will also help to reduce the number of accidents on this road. (This sentence is for the BP 2. Not for conclusion. You can avoid writing this as you’ve already written enough.) 

Looking forward to your steps to fix the road.



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