Telfer MBA Essays

2019-20 Admission Essays:

The University of Ottawa’s “Telfer School of Management” is a prestigious and affordable one year MBA program. The program simply wants the applicants to write a resume and a letter of intent. However, this does not mean that the admission process is easier than that of other Canadian MBA programs.

The program website states the requirements for the LoI.

Letter of Intent: State your reasons for pursuing a graduate program, your contribution to the program given your background and experience. The letter should be at least 500 words.

Stating specific reasons for pursuing an MBA program is crucial to secure admission. I’ve noticed that most students beat around the bush and answer in ambiguous words. So, just writing that you “want to become an entrepreneur” (as most students do) is not sufficient. You need to explicitly and concretely state the REASONS.

Ask yourself

Is my career journey somehow stagnant? Why? Can a graduate program make it more resilient?

What are my career goals and how can an MBA program from Telfer enable me to achieve them? 

Be very specific while answering this part. Why Telfer? Why not Rotman? Remember, all MBA programs are different. Every program has different strengths and weaknesses. Study them. This will help you find the most suitable reason. Visit the Telfer website. But, it is least likely to give you strong reasons to support your answer. It is always better to talk to an alumni member and ask her very specific and sharp questions. The process is lengthy but fruitful.

Equally important are the unique skills and experiences that you bring to the Telfer class. You need to be very clear about your strengths and weaknesses. This will not only help you answer the second part of the question but also play a vital role in the interview. Answer the following questions concretely:

Do you have a specific set of experiences that make you different from others?

What are your greatest strengths? (You must corroborate each strength with an example).

Can you recite a story to corroborate these points? (Be prepared with about 250 words story)

Note that I not only edit essays for submitting to the admissions committee but also help students brainstorm for ideas that click with the committee members. I will help you think and come up with unique ideas.

One Admission Essay

My services include helping you brainstorm and discover your true self to answer this question in a unique manner. I will also make TWO deep edits your essay and polish it for final submission.


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  1. Hello, I have prepared my letter of intent to apply to the Telfer MBA program. Could please let me know how the process will be editing and polishing it before its submissions. Its quality is the most key factor for me.
    Thank you,


    • Hi Shahrokh. I apologise for missing your comment. I deeply edit MBA essays not only for grammar and cohesion (flow) but also for content so that your essay is the best fit for the school. That includes helping you find very specific answers to questions such as WHY MBA and WHY THIS SCHOOL. Also, I help you find the right stories that the admissions committee finds useful and ensure your selection to the MBA class. Let me know if you are interested and we can begin working ASAP.


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