IELTS Cue Card, December 2018: A Family You Know Well.

Talk about a family you know well, that runs a business. Please say

– Describe the family.
– What do they do?
– How and when did you meet them?


I belong to a (Christian/ Muslim/ Jewish) business family and we have strong connections with other business families in our city. One such family, which is also the richest in our province, is that of Mr. X. (An introduction to the question.)

He has a joint family with more than 15 members, all of whom live under the same roof. They have a palatial bungalow spread on an area of 5 acres. There are three brothers, their wives, and nine children in this family. (Describe the family.)

This family has been involved in trading spices for the last three generations. Their great-grandparents came to this city and started the business in the early 1900s. Over the past century, their business has grown tremendously and they supply more than 30 types of spices to all shops in our city. (What do they do?)

I first met Mr. X and his family at a birthday party of their eldest daughter in 2015. Since my parents have a flourishing paper business, we have close ties with this family. At this function, my father introduced me to the entire family. It was a wonderful party and the family members were very warm and cordial. (How and when did you meet them?)

Follow-up Questions:

– What are the disadvantages and advantages of running a business? I think the greatest advantage of a business is that a person has the independence to take decisions without any interference from any boss. The greatest disadvantage is that there are innumerable risks and the consequences can be shattering sometimes.
– What are the benefits for workers? Well, workers do not run the risk of losing money. They earn a fixed salary and they get it regularly on a weekly or a monthly basis.
– What other businesses are famous in your country? India is globally famous for information technology, textiles, and food businesses.
– Which is better, small or large companies? I think both have advantages and disadvantages. It is not possible to compare them. While small companies have the agility to take quick decisions and can adjust to market conditions easily, large companies have the financial power to change the market.

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