IELTS Cue Card, December 2018: A Plan You Had To Cancel.

Describe a plan that you had to cancel for some reason. Please say

– What did you plan?
– Why did you have to cancel it?
– How did you feel about it later?


I am a practicing doctor and I attend numerous medical conferences every year. Last month, the Medical Council of Britain conducted a conference on the latest breakthroughs in the domain of cancer research and I was planning to attend it. However, unfortunately, the plans did not materialize at the last moment. (What did you plan?)

Just an hour before I was planning to leave for the venue, I received an emergency call from the staff that a person had met with an accident and he was critical. There was no other emergency specialist in the hospital. So, I decided to put my duty before career and attended to the patient. After more than two hour-long operation, we brough him out of danger and he eventually revived after a week’s rest. (Why did you cancel it?)

Though I felt sorry for not attending the conference since it was a rare opportunity to meet cancer specialists from different parts of the world, I was delighted to save a person’s life. I became a doctor to save people’s lives and I had attended to that task. I was really happy about it. (How did you feel?)

Follow-up Questions:

– How do older people feel about canceling a plan? Well, once a plan is made, it is really difficult to cancel it. Since every plan involves more than one person, canceling it is sometimes not an option. For older people, it is extremely difficult.
– Why do older people find it hard to change their plans? I think they are less flexible than youngsters. Once their schedules and plans are fixed, they diligently follow them and refuse to change them.
– How can technology help people to make plans? Thesedays, every smartphone has a planner in it. A person can fix the date and time on which something is planned. There is also a ‘reminder’ option. The device reminds you in advance about the upcoming plan. I think technology offers marvelous tools to plan something.
– Why do children change their plans? I guess children are not serious about their plans. They take things more lightly than adults do. So, they change their plans very frequently.
– Why do adults change their plans? I think adults rarely change their plans. Unless it is an emergency or a sudden change in weather, they stick to the schedule.

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