IELTS Essay, December 2018: Children Committing Crimes.

Children and teenagers are committing more and more crimes in many countries. Why is this happening? How can we stop or at least reduce youth crime?

40 minutes, 250 words at least.

Here is a similar question involving youngsters and crime: In some cities, the number of crimes committed by teenagers is increasing. Some people think that regardless of age, teenagers who commit the major crimes should receive adult punishment. To what extent do you agree?


Introduction: (Introduce the topic with a general sentence and MENTION the points you plan to explain in the body paragraphs.)

The rates of juvenile crimes are increasing in almost all parts of the world. I think these can be conveniently attributed to the widespread access to the internet and the rising materialism.

Body Paragraph 1: (Explain reason 1 – widespread access to the internet)

The internet has opened a Pandora’s box from which numerous evils have emerged. (Opening statement to organise the contents of the paragraph.) Firstly, pornography is easily and freely available on it and this has corrupted the minds of youngsters. (IDEA statement. Explain it in the next sentence.) Instead of spending time in a constructive manner, they watch dirty videos and indulge in sexual crimes. Secondly, they use the internet to access social media websites such as Facebook. (IDEA statement. Explain it in the next sentence.) These are a source of psychologically destructive videos that contain violence. For example, recently, a British teenager killed three Asians with his father’s licensed pistol. On further investigation, it was revealed that he used to watch white supremacist videos on social media. (Develop the example thoroughly.)

Body Paragraph 2: (Explain reason 2 – rising materialism)

Moreover, we are living in an era of unprecedented material wealth. However, this has created a scarcity of spiritualism, love, and care. (IDEA statement in two sentences. Explain it.) Teenagers are more inclined towards the latest smartphones, swanky cars, and loud music than towards meditation and helping the poor. When their material desires are left unfulfilled, they resort to crimes such as theft. For instance, a recent report on crimes in New Delhi has revealed the incidence of minors committing crimes has increased several folds in the last two decades and most of these offenders gave material wants, not needs, as a primary motive for crimes.

Conclusion: (Since this is a problem essay, conclude it with a solution statement.)

In conclusion, the internet and materialism are responsible for the rising incidents of juvenile crimes in our society. I strongly believe that these can be effectively tackled by close monitoring by parents and teachers.

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