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IELTS Essay Correction: Producing More And More Rubbish – 1.

Nowadays the amount of rubbish is constantly increasing in many countries of the world. Why is it happening? How can it be controlled and eventually reduced?

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


Presently, the world is facing many challenges to preserve the environment. Accumulation of waste products is one of the problems which is faced by many countries. This essay will outline reason for it and suggest recycling, and formulating some laws as a possible solution to control and reduce it. This is primarily a result of increasing consumerism and can be solved through recycling and formulating laws.

Over the last few decades, the amount of disposable income of an average household has grown, resulting in increased consumerism. This has contributed to the rise of the amount of waste material as many products are sold with components which do not serve any purpose once the item is utilized. For example, an empty water bottle cannot be used after the buyer drinks its content. Eventually, it ends up into in trash canes and joins thousands of other similar items, hence polluting the environment(Hence polluting the environment is a fragment sentence. It is not connected strongly with the main sentence and has a missing subject.)

The above paragraph is very well constructed in a logical manner.

One of the possible solutions to control it is by recycling. (1) This It can decrease the amount of trash to a great extent as most of it will be is reused in different industries and there will be is less litter to manage afterward. (We are doing recycling even in the present. Better use the present tense.)

1. There are better ways to write this sentence: Recycling is one of the best solutions to address this pestering problem.

As for reducing it Additionally, governments have to take strict measures by banning certain products which contribute to contamination the most. This will cause a decrease production of these items (If government BANS something, it is 100% out of production.) and discourage their use by masses. This will compel companies and consumers to search for greener and sustainable options. A recent ban on plastic bags in Kenya has resulted in decreased consumption and production of it boosted the use of jute bags which are biodegradable in nature., resulting This has resulted in a significant drop in the litter, where the bags where were a major contributor.

There is scope to develop ideas in a logical manner (Coherence) and write better sentence structures (grammar).

To conclude, getting rid of garbage is a major concern of many nations. Recycling some of it can halt the building up of piles of garbage piles of it building up to some extent but governments have to make (enact) tough laws on the production and consumption of certain products if they want to manage with less rubbish in the future.

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