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IELTS Essay Correction: Tell Culture And Character From Clothes.

Some people say that it is possible to tell a lot about a person’s culture and character from his choice of clothes. Do you agree/disagree?

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


Many people believe that the external appearance and dressing style reflects a lot about a person’s cultural values and his (a person’s is common for both) personality traits. I disagree with this statement as the choice of clothing should be used to deduce ascertain/ judge the religion of a person. (DEDUCE is used to in a logical, mathematical sense. You can judge someone by clothes. But can’t deduce.)

Some of the sentiments and traditions can be reflected from the clothing one chooses to wear, but it is only limited only to the externalities. For instance, consider the Sikhs who wear turbans, it It definitely tells us the background of a person and, perhaps, (this is an interruptor. Put it within commas.) his nationality. Likewise, most Muslim women wear Hijab to show respect towards their religion. However, a hijab only reveals the religion of a woman. It does not state anything about her personality and culture.

Though there are a few grammar issues, the paragraph and sentences are well structured. LR are adequate. GR is good.

A person’s lifestyle, preferences and, habits, on the other hand, depicts depict a lot about his character and personality. I have met plethora of people who wear modest clothes but they lead a life full of ambitions and passion. One good example of this is, Mahatma Gandhi, who is the considered India’s father of the Nation India, is known for his right conduct and honesty. He earned India‘s Independence from the mighty British Empire. Mahatma Gandhi He used to wear a piece of lion loincloth clothing to cover up his body. (1) At first, the British people ignored him because of his appearance and , but later they also admired him for his values and lifestyle. (Ignoring and admiring are opposite emotions. They cannot be connected through AND. Let us use BUT.)

1. Let us connect the two sentences: Though he used to wear a simple, handwoven loincloth, he earned India’s independence from the mighty British empire.

In Conclusion, a person’s living style and mentality infer (only a living creature can infer. Plus, avoid word repetition.) inform a lot about his cultural values and character. The outer appearance should only be used to draw the inference about his background and religion.

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