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IELTS Academic Task 1 Correction: Change In Percentage Of Population.

The table below shows the information and predictions regarding the change in the percentage of the population aged 65 and above in three countries.

change in population IELTS Task 1 Academic.png

20 minutes, 150 words at least.


The above table illustrates the number percentage of people that who reached the age of 65 and higher above in the years 1988 and 2000, and the predicted predicts the number it in the year 2030 for Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom. Using three countries (Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom) as an example. (The three countries constitute the complete data set. They are NOT an example.)

Overall, the country with the highest percentage of its population aging 65 and above (no need to mention the age group. This is the only group in the question.) was Germany in all the three years, while the United Kingdom placed last in them. (1) On the other hand, when looking at the expected increase in the percentage in 2030, their order came from highest to lowest as the following; Canada, UK and then Germany. (This shouldn’t be a part of the overall statement. Plus, the use of on the other hand” is incorrect.)

1. Here is a tip to structure a sentence in task 1. When you’re comparing two things, begin with the common element – three years. During the given period, Germany has the highest percentage of population while the United Kingdom has the lowest.

In 1988, there was were 20.45 percent of the Germans aging 65 and above as compared to 16.32% and 14.23% of the Canadians and the British, respectively. In 2000, the percentage increased dramatically in both Germany and Canada (it reached 25.32% in Germany and 20.67% in Canada) (2), while the increment was slight merely 0.66 percent in the UK as it was only 0.66%.

2. Do not use brackets. Write everything as part of a sentence. In 2000, the population in Germany jumped appreciably by more than 5 percent and that in Canada increased dramatically by more than 4 percent.

The predicted percentages for the year 2030 was as the following; (3) Germany with 30.42%of its population in the first place, followed by Canada with 26.35%. And in the last place comes the United Kingdom with 20.35% of its population.

3. Write a proper sentence: It is predicted that in 2030, Germany will have 30.42 percent of people in this age group and it will be followed by Canada. The United Kingdom will have the least percentage of the population in this age group. (Note that it is not important to state number. Numbers should be used like icing on the cake. You’re supposed to give trends and main features in proper English language sentences.)

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