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IELTS Academic Task 1 Correction: Men and Women Living Alone – 1.

The bar chart below shows the proportion of men and women living alone in Wuawua Land in the year 2016. The pie-chart compares the number of rooms in one-person households.

Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


The bar graph presents the percentage of people, categorized by gender and age groups, living in Wuawua Land in the year 2016. The pie chart shows the number of rooms in one-person houses.

Overall, the females living alone slightly outnumber the males and the most common age group for females is 80 and above, while that of males is 35 to 49 years. The land has more houses with one room than two or above.

The number of males living alone on this land grew as the age increased, (1) until after the age of 50 years proportion decreased gradually by more than half. In contrast, the trend for females was the opposite of it. The fraction of men and women was were equal for age group 50 to 64 years.

1. Wrong interpretation of data. The data is on proportion, not absolute numbers. So, you can’t compare men of different age groups. Within an age group, you can compare men and women. For instance, for age group 50 to 64, there may be 50 men and 50 women living alone. For 85 and above, the number of men living alone my be 75 and the number of women may be 225. So, the proportion is 25:75. The proportion has fallen from one age group to another, even though the number has increased.

As the age from 15 to 49 years, the proportion of men in comparison to females living alone increased from about 55 percent to 68 percent. Read the sample answer HERE.

The pie-chart depicts, that about 45 percent of the homes have one room, whereas just under a third of the houses have two rooms. Around a quarter are 3-roomed houses, whilst an insignificant proportion (= singular) has has four or more rooms.

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