Answer Checking

IELTS General Task 1 Correction: A Friend Asking For Advice.

A friend has written to you asking for advice about a problem at work. You have had a similar problem in the past. 

Write a reply to your friend. In your letter:

1. Tell your friend you understand a problem

2. Explain what happened to you in the past

3. Suggest a possible solution to the problem

20 minutes, 150 words at least.


Dear John,

I feel sad to know that you are struggling with your office life. While managers do behave oddly at times, we need to act sensibly in such situations (at times = plural) that situation. I completely resonate with your circumstances as I had also gone went through this in my previous office. (Past perfect tense is used when you’re talking about past of past. You’re simply talking about the past here. Not past of past.)

It happened when four of us from our team my team members and I planned to take some time off our busy schedule and go for a movie. When we came back, we had to face the manager’s rude behavior for a month until I decided to have a talk session brief discussion with him. 

I suggest you do the same. Schedule a one on one meeting with your manager and explain that whatever you have done is within the company’s rules and procedures under the company’s jurisdiction. Remember, you have to be completely genuine and calm while you address your problem. This is the only way you can make your manager realize that you acted appropriately are right. I bet you that your circumstances will change after this. (How? Will they become positive? I am sure that the manager’s behaviour will become positive towards you.)

I hope the above suggestion works for you. Good luck!


Though the letter is well-written, there is scope to write better through more appropriate word choice.

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