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IELTS Academic Task 1 Correction: Average Household Expenditure In A Country.

The pie chart below shows the average household expenditure in a country in 1950 and 2010.

Average Household Expenditure IELTS Academic Task 1.png


The above pie charts illustrate the average expenditures for six different categories – (1) housing, food, health care, education, transportation and other, in a certain country. The left pie chart represents the year 1950, while the right one is for the year 2010 in (during) 1950 and 2010(There is no need to state the direction of the pie-chart – left or right.)

1. Write anyone – either six categories or names of categories.

Overall, this population (not same as average household) a household spent the most on housing in 1950, while in 2010 food was in the first place (2). Health care was the least category to be spent on in both years, however its percentage from the total expenses almost doubled in 2010 (Let us reserve the details for the body paragraph. Not for the overall statement.). All categories showed an increase in average spending in 2010 as compared to 1950 except two, housing and education.

2. Let us connect the two components using AND construction: “spent most on A and B = spent most on A and spent most on B”. ….. a household spent the most on housing in 1950 (= A) and on food in 2010 (= B).

2. continue ….. WHILE is used to express contrast. There is no contrast between “maximum in 1950” and “maximum in 2010”. There is a contrast between maximum and minimum. Overall, a household spent the most on housing in 1950 and on food in 2010, while it spent the least on healthcare in both years.

In 1950, nearly three quarters of the budget was spent on housing. Food and education came after that with 11.2% and 6.6% respectively. The least categories (there is nothing called least category.) were health care (2.4%) and then transportation (3.3%)Note that you’re supposed to mention the main features and trends. Not numbers. Do not compromise them in pursuit of numbers. Let us write three sentences – Maximum, Minimum and the rest. 

In 1950, nearly three-quarters of the budget was spent on housing. This was followed by food, education, and transportation in the descending order. The least expenditure was on healthcare.

In 2010, almost one-third of the national spending was on food followed by housing and transportation. , housing came second with only 22%. The least categories in this year were health care and education, in that specific order(Specific order is not clear. Is it ascending or descending?)   

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