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IELTS Essay Correction: Life Will Be Easier In A Hundred Years.

Some people believe that after a hundred years life will be easier for most of the people, while the others are unsure. What is your opinion?

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


The future is unpredictable but seems to have (= present tense. You can’t talk about the future in the present tense.) a better world to live than today. (Though the future is unpredictable, many people believe that it will be better than today.) I believe that after a century, a large number of people will be enjoying life in a convenient way(enjoy expresses the same thing as convenient. Also, it is better to MENTION the reasons why life will be better.) I believe that future innovations in kitchen appliances and transportation will help us grapple with the existing issues.

We have been witnessing drastic changes around us for a few decades. (This sentence is for the introduction. Jump to the reason in BP 1.) Flourishing technology is resolving various prominent issues in our life. I am certain that near future will show us something unbelievable in our kitchen. Smart home appliances will take place replace human labor in our kitchen educating and educate users about cleaning, heating, and cooking related procedures. A student, living alone, will not hire (includes pay) and pay to a maid since he will be cooking his own meals easily. I believe that transportation will see a significant transformation in the coming hundred years. By the end of this century, people will have started commuting visa through flying buses and cars. It will be an intriguing phase of our life when people will park their flying cars on the rooftop.

Inter alia, medical space should be the most enhanced (the word is a misfit here.) important part of our society. (The first sentence does not have any connection with the second sentence. Loss of coherence.) Doctors will be replaced by robots which will perform painless surgeries with precision. I am entirely sure that we humans will be meticulously cared for by health-bots. Such nanobots will monitor our health and will alert the paramedics in case of any emergency.

In conclusion, our life will be prosperous and well managed in forthcoming years. I strongly believe that the great inventions in the next hundred years will make our life easier.

Though the body paragraphs are well developed, there are a few lexical resources and sentence structuring issues. You need to work on the introduction.

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  1. Future is unpredictable, that’s the soul reason most of the people in the world believe in the existence of God. Our ancestors, if brought back to life would be amazed to see what mankind has achieved in the past hundred years. There are two schools of thoughts on this issue that whether our lives are simpler now or they were easier a hundred years ago? The is no question that technology has certain disadvantages and has imposed certain problems which were unknown to our ancestors but I still believe that hundred years from now life will be much simpler and easier to live.
    There are numerous reason to support this claim. Technology is revolutionizing our everyday life by bringing many tech products unknown to our ancestors ranging from automatic washing machines to smartphones even smart watches. Take the example of textile industry, stainless clothing is making our lives much easier because now we don’t have to wash our cloth more frequently who knows in the future cloths might be totally stain free and a person could wear them from more than a month or year without bothering about ironing them. One other examples in the transportation industry, engineers are now talking about hyperloop technology that will reduce the travel time by 10 to 15 times by using ultra high speed trains.
    If we look back in history some of the problems we face now were unknown to our elders like increased number of accidents on road, plane crashes and climate change. So with every technological invention there are certain associated drawbacks as well.
    To summarize, it’s highly unpredictable and unrealistic to claim that our lives will be easier of tougher hundred years from now but looking at history I hope that mankind will be at much more ease hundred years from now.


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