Answer Checking

IELTS General Task 1 Correction: Invite English Speaking Friend For Movie.

Write a letter to your English speaking friend to invite him/her to see a movie about your country. In your letter say 

-Describe the movie

-why would he/she find it interesting

-suggest an arrangement to watch the movie together.


Dear xyz Anna,

Hi!! (This is covered by Dear Anna.I hope you are in your best health and spirits. I am writing this letter to invite you for a movie. Recently a movie has released with (Use a pronoun to refer back to the movie in the previous sentence.) It was released recently and has a very talented star cast and an interesting storyline. The name of the movie is It is titled as FREEDOM Freedom and is based on the independence of India. (Avoid repeating the word movie.)

Since you were are always keen to know the history behind (redundant words. Do not make much sense.) learn about the freedom struggle of this country, I think this is an interesting way to fulfil your curiosity (Use the present tense. The choice of words is inappropriate and this reduces the reader’s understanding.) I thought you are going to love the concept of the same. The movie film is rated 4.5 stars by the new India times and is also nominated for the best movie of year awards.

I am thinking planning (1) to watch the movie on my new home theatre in my living area next Friday. It has got a very effective sound and picture quality. I assure you will have a wonderful evening.

1. Certain prepositions come with certain words. You “think of” something and “plan to” do something.

I am looking forward to seeing (See takes a gerund form – ing – with Looking forward on Friday.



There are numerous lexical resource and grammar issues in this essay. If poor word choice impacts a reader’s understanding of the letter, you may lose task achievement bands as well. 

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