Airports Belong In The Cloud – A WIPRO Report.

I came across this article on my Twitter page and, for the benefit of my readers, I decided to make a few corrections. You can read the original article here: LINK

I have corrected the first three paragraphs only.

Like many industries businesses, airports (Are airports an industry? I doubt that.) are being driven to change. Often referred to as the 4th industrial revolution, Digital is impacting every sector and industry. (I can’t see the connection between the first and the second sentence. How are airports and Digital connected.)

Digital, (Let us keep it as a subject so that we can use a pronoun to refer back.) which is often referred to as the 4th industrial revolution, (a modifier) is impacting every industry ranging from real estate to petrochemicals. It (Reference to Digital) is also deeply transforming the airport business with tremendous changes in the way airports are operated and managed.

In 2017, SITA1 (What’s that? Assume that the reader is a non-technical person. Use a modifier to explain this. – 1) reported that 85% of airports (are these airports in India or throughout the world?) planned to invest in Cloud (Cloud what? What is the purpose? Let us call it ‘X’.) over the next three years, with only 1 in 10 airports expecting to decrease its spending on IT to decrease through 2018. One key area of the increased expenditure (Let us use more constructive and exciting words. – 2) is targeted at developing innovative ways to differentiate passenger experience. (How does that work?)

1. SITA 1, a 2017 study on ……. , reported that while more than 85 percent of all airports in the world planned to invest in Cloud Platforms to improve their ‘X’ over the next three years, only one in ten expected to decrease the IT spending through 2018.

2. These platforms (refers to cloud platforms) are crucial to develop innovative ways of enhancing the passenger experience by …… 

Innovation is now synonymous with Digital and Cloud. There is no longer a question of “if”— rather it is a matter of “when”. (IF what? WHEN what? IF innovation? If digital? This is vague.) (3) With this in mind, how can an airport take full advantage of Digital and Cloud to obtain an advantage and succeed over the competition? Since airport management is a very competitive space, it is vital to understand how Digital and Cloud create a competitive advantage.

3. Digital and cloud platforms are making disruptive process improvements in the airports business. It is no longer a question of ‘if’ these innovations will reduce operational costs and improve customer experience but ‘when’.

I look forward to reader’s opinions.

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  1. Hello Sir,

    Thank you very much for giving in-depth knowledge about how we can write accurately and user-friendly.

    Thank you once again for investing your much time to educate readers like us.


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