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IELTS Essay Correction: Work From Home.

Today, lots of people have their own computer and a telephone, which made it easy for them to do a job at their home. Does working from home have more advantages or more disadvantages?

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


With the advancement in technology, nowadays, it is possible to do work for an employer while sitting at home. I consider that this trend brings more advantages for the employees as it offers an opportunity to stay with family with as compared to (Wrong construction = more X as compared to Y. Correct Construction = more X than Y.than disadvantages it might bring to an entrepreneur.

Despite the disadvantages below, (‘Despite’ is used to express contrast with a statement you’ve already made, not with a statement you’re yet to make.) I believe that the phenomenon of working from home allows employees to spend more time with family. This is because, (no comma here) they do not travel to the workplace and the time saved could can be used in having family meals together with parents and dropping children to school. To illustrate, I am a freelancer in web development field, who work with USA companies from home, (1) and (You can’t connect two independent clauses using a comma.) every day I enjoy all meals with my family and watch television in the evening, Which might be not possible if I would have to reach office every day. (The sentence is already too long. Let us keep it short.) In contrast, (In contrast to whom? You’ve already stated the advantages of your freelancing work and compared it with office work.) online work help employee in improving family relations and deterrent family conflicts.

1. WHO is an adjective pronoun. That is, it gives the quality of a noun. It must be placed next to the word it represents. I am a freelancer, who works in web development field with several US companies, (Adjective clause within commas) and I enjoy numerous Punjabi dishes with my family members and watch television with them in the evening. (Parallelism between ‘enjoy’ and ‘watch’. “I ‘A’ and ‘B’.”) This might not be possible if I have to reach the office and work from 9 am to 8 pm.

Admittedly, in this style of work, an employer can not measures measure the employees’ progress effectively since it can only be observed in a office environment where there is regular and strict supervision. is strive to locate employer location and track their actual working hours (Wrong use of strive, employer). An online blogger might finish his task of writing eight blogs per day in only four hours and, later, could go with friends for a movie. As a result, this might loss employer in term of man power employers loses crucial man hours because in the office they might assign extra work to their employees.

You have not used the words in the most efficient manner. This is likely to impact the LR score.

In conclusion, although, there are some disadvantages to employer, but work from home is beneficial to employee and and his family by allowing them to since it allows extra some free time. These advantages could can be maintained and disadvantages could can be reduce by use of hour tracking technique in online works.

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  1. My essay::

    In recent years, working from home concept has risen in popularity due to availability of modern gadgets, which require to do the same tasks at home instead of completing those at office. In this essay, I will explain why this trend has more positive outcomes than the negative effects.

    To begin with disadvantages, one of the noteworthy drawbacks for working from home is to achieve high performance in house environment . This is because many employees cannot afford high-speed internet access and they choose low bandwidth internet plans, which hinders proper communication between co-workers. Software industries are prime example of this, in which, workers need to access remote servers to perform their tasks that requires good quality internet connection. If all devices do not work properly at employees home, there are high chances that they start struggling to achieve the deadline for assigned tasks or projects due to this reason.

    Nevertheless, the positive outcomes of this trend are quite impressive. Saving time is the first and foremost factor. Since there is no need to go to the workplaces, employees can get those commuting hours and may spend this time with their family members to strengthen their relationships. Another benefit of working from home is dramatic increase in companies’ profit. The reason behind this would be cost cutting to run the companies. If all employees are choose this option to work, the organisation needs not to pay any electricity bills or purchasing property or even buying expensive devices such as laptops and printers to complete products or projects.

    In conclusion, although deadlines can be missed by employees if they fail to buy required quality devices to complete their assigned tasks in working from home option, I believe that this approach offers more unbeatable benefits, which not only include saving transportation time to reach the office but also involves cutting down the cost to run an organisation.


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