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IELTS Academic Task 1 Correction: Coffee Manufacturing Process – 2.

The diagram shows how coffee is made. Write a report in 150 words at least.

coffee process IELTS


The given diagram illustrates the process of coffee production made for selling in supermarkets and shops (You’re not supposed to add your own information in Academic Task 1. Just stick to the information in the question.). Overall, it is evident that coffee making involves a long series of steps starting right from the farmers who pick up the beans upto to (correct construction = From X to Y. The first words of X and Y should have the same form and structure. Let us use article the for both.) the companies where it is packed which pack it in jars. (Use Which for companies.)

To start with, coffee beans are picked from the farms and later dried in open air, under the Sun by the farmers. Thereafter, the beans are roasted in a container which is (Is this the same container? We don’t know that.) then cooled rapidly. (Thereafter, the beans are roasted in a container and they are cooled rapidly.) Furthermore, this (1) these chilled beans are grounded in a churner and the coffee powder thus (2) obtained is mixed in hot water. After keeping in hot water the remnants are strained to separate big particles. 

1. Note that you do not need a cohesive device to build connection or sequence. When you use ‘these’, it refers to the beans in the previous sentence. This conveys a logical progression to the next step in the process. This also helps in preventing the repetition of ‘then’.

2. THUS = coffee powder obtained from the process just stated.

Moreover, again the (No need of writing MOREOVER. This is unnecessary. Remember, unnecessary or over use of cohesive devices will reduce the CC score.) The strained particles obtained in the previous stage are freezed and churned again. Finally, water is removed by putting the coffee in a vacuum to let the substance dry (= water is removed). Coffee It is now ready to get packed in jars to reach the consumer.

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