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IELTS General Task 1 Correction: Readers’ Opinions For Local Magazine.

A local magazine editor has asked for readers opinions. Write a letter to the magazine editor,

  • Describe what made you choose this magazine
  • What do you like and dislike about it
  • What improvements do you want to see

20 minutes, 150 words at least.


Dear Sir, 

Thank you so much that you have asked for the feedback about the magazine. (In the last edition of your magazine, I read that you have invited readers for feedback about the magazine’s contents.) I am feeling counted and I really wish that your magazine gets global fame for the awareness that you create by publishing unbiased news. the truth and real content.

I have been a sports lover since my school days and I always seek information about the Cricket and Football. When I started reading the sports column in your magazine, I never thought that your sports coverage would be so intense. I have realized that you have the best sports journalist amongst the competitors and I like the stories about the various cricketers and footballers(Add value to your sentence. How is the sports coverage intense? EXPLAIN.) It not only contains a detailed analysis of every game but also discusses the strategy and tactics of every team and player. This is hugely rewarding for a sports enthusiast.

However, I feel that the science section is not up to the expectations and (Does the science section need more information? Sounds strange.) needs readers need more information about the latest technologies and mobile phones. Since smartphones are the hot topics, this can be considered as the focus area in the science and technology section.

However, your science and technology section gives information about basic science only and it never enlightens readers about the latest, cutting-edge technologies in the market. For instance, it never discusses products like Apple iPhone X, Amazon Alexa, Google’s Driverless cars

I believe that your story writers and content developers design team needs some new tools to make the cover and template more attractive. design the cover and template of the magazine. (I don’t think story writers develop cover.) Sometimes I feel bored when I see the same colours and format in every section. I would suggest that you should change the cover picture more often according to the hot topic of the month.

Thanks Thank you once again for showing (expressing) the interest in readers’ views and feedback. I look forward to see the new version of the magazine soon.

Thanks and r Regards,


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