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IELTS General Task 1: Resign From Work To Try New Field.

You have decided to resign from your work in order to try a new field. Write a letter of resignation to your boss. In your letter.

Tell your boss of your decision and explain why you are leaving

Explain what you have learned from your current job and how you feel about leaving

Ask a letter of reference

20 minutes, 150 words at least.


Dear Oliver,

I would like to share my aspirations about my future and would like to leave the firm now. (Do not break the negative news in the opening sentence.)  Since you have been more than a manager for me, I think that you are the best person who can comprehend my views and can give me the best advice to start a new profile career.

I have spent five wonderful years working under your guidance and these have been very fruitful both professionally and personally. You will be glad to know that I have decided to start my own business.

I am going to start my own consulting firm which will be focused focus on cost optimization in the big large organizations. Unlike my current profile in supply chain management, this firm will focus on the business strategy. It was my dream to work on cost-saving methods and I foresee a promising career in that. I love new challenges and I am pretty much certain that the new work will provide me an opportunity to unlock my full potential. (Well done. Sentence structure, flow of ideas, grammar, and vocabulary are well developed.)

I have acquired good impressive (exceptional/ excellent) communication skills, sufficient confidence, and excellent data analytical skills (parallelism – make all adjectives.) in my current operational job. You have been a mentor, a friend, and a brilliant colleague who always supported me at the work and taught many things related to business. I will miss you a lot.

I would need a favor from you to get a reference letter.(Your sentence gives an impression that Oliver will help you get a reference letter from someone else. Since my new clients will need a reference letter as a proof of my work proficiency, I request you to pen a few words for me.) Please may you write few words Please write about my behaviour, job responsibilities, and recommendation for the work projects that I did for Telecommunication clients. This will help me to get some good deal quickly. I would really appreciate your support.

Thanks and regards Warm Regards,


(Thanks is informal)

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