Answer Checking

IELTS General Task 1 Correction: Opening Cafeteria At Work.

You are working at a company. Write a letter to your manager to recommend opening a cafeteria at work. In your letter say

– Why is it required?
– Give recommendations on how and where to do it.
– Explain why it would be beneficial to all workers.

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


Dear Johan,

Thank you so much for organizing a team breakfast this morning. Apparently, (Wrong word choice. Please understand the exact meaning of apparently before using it. It means – It seems as if. It is used to suggest that the real situation is different from what you thought.) I would like to share a few thoughts which I had have in my mind regarding the food facility in our office.

Since we do not have any canteen in our office building, sometimes it seems difficult to start the day early with full energy. (Explain full energy before moving to the next point.) Most of us need a morning coffee to stay active and perform tasks efficiently. I have seen my colleagues walking (The previous sentence and ‘so’ help connect the two ideas.) So, we often walk across the road to buy breakfast and coffee. The garage on the roadside However, the shop (Missing cohesive device – however. Use the shop to refer to the place where you buy breakfast and coffee.does not have good quality food and this whole exercise in the morning also consumes productive hours of our staff.

I would suggest that we should provide a food truck option at the ground floor in the beginning (in the beginning does not convey anything.) near the main entrance, and based on the demand if there is an encouraging response, we can consider commencing a kitchen service. Our ground floor area has plenty of space to manage food services for the office staff.

The biggest benefit of food availability in the office premises will be the motivation amongst the employees because they will not have to walk to different stores during the work to buy unhealthy fast food. Also, it will save their invaluable time which they will use to plan their (their what?) rather than thinking about the arrangement of the meals. (Also, it will save their invaluable time which they will utilize in performing economically productive tasks for the company instead of arranging the food.)

I am looking look forward to hear hearing from you. I hope that we will have some delicious food options in our office soon.

Warm regards,


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