Answer Checking

IELTS Essay Correction: Influence Of Advertisements.

Advertising is having more and more influence on us. Is it a positive or a negative trend? Give your own opinion and examples.

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


Advertising has changed the dynamics of the consumer’s demand and the market trends for years. (Wrong use of article the. You’re not talking about specific demands and trends.) Recent developments in the multiverse (what’s that? Read this for the first time.) of advertisements have influenced us in various ways. These advancements are certainly beneficial for customers and businesses also. (Recent developments in this domain have positively shaped businesses and helped customers make informed choices.)

Advertising is an art and it is an essential part of the marketing function in any business. Since advertising it (use a pronoun to refer back to Advertising) has various modes of promotions, it has been playing a crucial role in our life. People get influenced not only by paper-based advertisements, but also they (They is not parallel to by) revere the unique and interesting way of promotions on social media and different web portals. (People not only get influenced ……… but also revere the ……) These campaigns provide the best knowledge of a product‘s features, price, alternatives and services and its features so that a user can make an informed choice. understand the product completely. Now, most of the consumers have the comprehensive understanding of product because the advertisement campaigns let customers know about the various options, price, and the services offered in detail.

Beside customers, businesses also analyse the impact of their advertisements and deduce how to determine next steps to make draw strategies to increase profit margins. An ad campaign on the Google allow let the a marketing manager know that how many people saw that advert it and convert that product search into the real purchase. (Though you’ve not used words incorrectly, there are better word choices available. Alternative: A campaign on the Google enables a marketing manager to (1) learn about the geographical, gender and age distribution of its audience and (2) build strategies to convert these groups into loyal customers.) Such analysis has become the backbone of the trading department (what’s that? Is it related to marketing? Vague.) every company’s business because it provides the real time insight on the consumer demand from customers and help to consider the actual requirement of investments divert resources in that direction(direction of consumer demand.)

There are better words that you can choose to express your ideas. The sentence structure is a bit weak at a few places.

To conclude, I admire the power of advertisements and see this as an impactful tool. Ad-campaigns benefit the user and the product or service provider by giving the right and precise information. I foresee that the businesses will always leverage the power of advertisements.

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