IELTS Essay: Restoration Of Old Buildings.

Some people believe that the restoration of old buildings costs too much; we should demolish them and build new ones instead. To what extent do you agree or disagree?


I have written a different answer to this question in a SEPTEMBER 2018 blog post. Watch the video explaining that answer as well.

Introduction: (Introduce the topic and state your opinion. MENTION the reasons supporting your opinion. Remember the core of the topic is “old buildings – restore or demolish”.)

Old buildings are often considered as the identity of an urban area. (Introductory sentence on the importance of Old Buildings) (Note the use of PASSIVE VOICE “are considered as”. Can you guess the reason?) I believe that while some of them need to be maintained (restored) since they are the common heritage of people, others should be demolished as their restoration is costly and they are unsafe to live. (Note: The first they refers to some of them; the second they and their refer to others. Usually, one pronoun refers to one noun only. But, in this case, the pronoun refers to the nearest noun.) (Note the structure: While X, Y)

(Note the use of the identity of …. Can you guess why THE is used? The same rationale applies to the common heritage of …..)

Body Paragraph 1: (EXPLAIN first side of the argument – AGREE)

Many old buildings, such as the taj Mahal and Leaning Tower of Pisa, are combined heritage of the human race. (Opening sentence containing the idea with examples using such as. Now, explain it in greater detail. Why is heritage important?) These buildings are central (crucial) to our identity and our understanding of culture. Taj Mahal is not just any other building. It contains the delicate work of thousands of masons and represents the traditional architecture of India. (the delicate work of ….. ; the architecture of.) Moreover, they are a crucial source of revenue for local administrations. (Second reason. Explain it in one or two sentences.)  The Purana Quila (Old Fort) of Jaisalmer in India is a major/ significant/ primary tourist attraction for Indians as well as foreigners, and it helps the government earn more than a million dollars annually which it uses to support local infrastructure. (This is a made up example. Note the use of as well as, and, it, which).

Body Paragraph 2: (EXPLAIN the other side of the argument – DISAGREE)

However, there are numerous buildings that/ which (Prefer THAT. WHICH has been used earlier.) have little historical value and, hence, are not fit for restoration. ( Opening sentence contaning the idea. EXPLAIN why these are not fit for restoration) These buildings have a weak structure and strengthening (restoring) them entails a/ an huge/ enormous/ colossal cost. Since they do not have any cultural value, no one visits them and they are not a source of revenue. It is economically prudent to demolish them and build new structures that are safe for the residents. (Note the use of pronouns – these, they, them – to refer back to old buildings.Also, these buildings are a blot on the otherwise flawless urban ambiance. (Second reason. EXPLAIN it in one or two sentences.) For example, old buildings in my city, Chandigarh, are ugly and badly/ poorly maintained as compared to swanky, new buildings. It is better to demolish them to maintain/ preserve the beauty of the city.


In conclusion, I strongly believe that some old structures have historical significance and it makes perfect economic and cultural sense to maintain them irrespective of the cost. Other, however, are just dirty, unsafe structures that must be demolished.

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