IELTS Essay: Students Abandoning Science Subjects.

In many countries, students do not want to study science subjects at university. Why is this happening? What will be the consequences of this for society?


Introduction: (Introduce the topic by mentioning the reasons and consequences. Just MENTION!)

Recently, students are developing an inclination towards arts and commerce subjects and are abandoning science as a career choice. This can primarily be attributed partly to the over-supply of engineers and doctors in the job market and partly to the high cost of science education. The consequences of this trend are mostly favorable in nature.

Body Paragraph 1: (EXPLAIN the reasons – science education is leading to over-supply and lack of jobs. NEGATIVES of science.)

During the last two decades, youngsters throughout the world have mostly chosen the engineering and medical education. This has led to a situation where there are a large number of science graduates competing for a few jobs. (Negative of science.) In India, for instance, while there are more than ten million engineers, the vacancies are less than 100,000. Moreover, the cost of science education is exorbitantly high. (Negative of science.) While a degree in arts in Canada costs less than 10,000 Canadian dollars, engineering education is priced at 50,000 dollars. The high cost of education, coupled with the low availability of jobs, has reduced the interest of students in sciences. (That is, students are compelled to NOT opt for science subjects.)

Body Paragraph 2: (EXPLAIN the consequences)

Fortunately, the proclivity for non-science domains has positively impacted the economy and society of every country. On the one hand, this is helping to balance the demand-supply mismatch in engineering and medical domains. On the other hand, it has enabled other fields to flourish. In the United States, as more students are opting for arts, the country is experiencing an unprecedented explosion of creativity in painting, music, design, and cinema. This has immensely benefited companies such as Apple, Warner Brothers, and Ford Motors to make aesthetically superior products.


As the world adjusts the imbalance in demand and supply in different professions, the increasing number of students in non-science domains is leading to greater innovation and superior product design. This has led to numerous economic and social benefits for everyone.

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