IELTS Essay 2020: Economic Progress Depends On Country’s Success.

Some think that a country’s progress is completely dependent on its economic success, while others believe that other factors are also important. What are the different factors contributing to the progress of a country? Do you believe that only one factor is important, compared to others?


Introduction: (MENTION the factors contributing to the progress of a country. STATE your opinion clearly.)

The progress of a country depends on multiple factors ranging from economic progress and literacy to law and order. I think that a country is a complex system that can not be simplified into economic performance only.

Body Paragraph 1: (EXPLAIN one or two factors. Let us discuss economic progress only.)

Without financial resources to implement welfare schemes and invest in the future, no country can be successful. With money, countries such as China and the United States have the ability to develop medicines and build hospitals to effectively tackle the Covid-19 pandemic. Moreover, this gives them the power to educational institutions, roads and highways, power plants, and dams to ensure basic services for their citizens. For example, India has built thousands of kilometers of highways to promote internal trade and more than ten ports to facilitate international trade. These would have been impossible without the economic power of the country.

Body Paragraph 2: (EXPLAIN one or two factors. Let us discuss literacy and law and order.)

Despite the immense benefits of monetary might, a nation’s overall success also hinges on other factors such as literacy. The more educated a society is, the more is the extent of happiness. Unlike an illiterate person, a literate one understands his duties and rights which ensures not only social but also individual well being. Moreover, immeasurable wealth in the absence of peace and security leads to violence. The presence of police personnel in sufficient numbers coupled with an efficient and independent judiciary is necessary for prosperity in a country. For example, though France’s per capita income is far less than that of Saudi Arabia, the former has strong law enforcement agencies. This makes the former more favourable destination for workers than the latter.


In conclusion, though economic strength is necessary for a country, other factors are equally important to make it successful. Education along with law and order is crucial for this purpose.

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