Introductory Words.

“Introducers” or “introductory words” are a group of words that set the stage for a sentence. They create a context in which the main sentence delivers the message. But, they are not a part of the main sentence and that is why they are separated from the main sentence using a comma.

Important note: They are written before the subject of the main sentence.


In today’s time, (introducer) men’s sports (subject) are preferred over women’s sports.

As you know, (introducer) India (subject) lacks the health infrastructure to fight Covid-19.

In my opinion, (introducer) it (subject) is a negative development.

Fortunately, (introducer) we (subject) can solve this problem.

In this competitive world, (introducer) marketing (subject) is central to the growth and sustainability of companies.

In the past two decades, (introducer) women (subject) have gained a better position in society.

Even in normal times, (introducer) we (subject) consider a trip to the beach more important than work.


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