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IELTS Essay Correction: Global Environmental Problems Should Be Dealt With Internationally.

Many people believe that global environmental problems should be dealt with internationally rather than domestically. To what extent do you agree or disagree?


There are numerous environmental problems prevailing in the world. While some people opine that all countries should work independently to solve them, I believe that every nation they (let us use a pronoun to refer back to all countriesshould stand together since it will not only leads to sharing of resources but also results in the (“the X of Y” construction) upliftment of financially poor countries to tackle them.

The primary benefit of countries working together is that it will help them to share efficient techniques, workforce and high-tech machinery among one another to tackle the problem of environmental degradation. For instance, in 2001, Asian countries used to throw their tons of industrial waste in rivers causing water pollution. The waste disposal was a massive concern for them until China intervened and helped by exporting efficient recycling machines that compress waste to yield ink as a side product. Thus, working together is an efficient way to deal with environmental issues.(Use this space to expand the idea’s scope to other environmental concerns.) In a similar fashion (= cooperation among countries), other environmental problems such as famines, droughts, air pollution, deforestation, and global warming can be contained.

Additionally, there are few deprived countries which cannot afford to spend money on tackling environmental issues. These countries are raising (connect the two sentences and use the Simple Present Tense) and cause problems for their neighbours as well. For instance, the Bangladeshi government is spending the least (in which group of countries?) to reduce air pollution in their its country, which is also deteriorating air quality index in the adjoining states of India. (For instance, Bangladesh, due to crushing poverty, does not have the resources to spend on controlling air pollution which hampers the air quality index in the adjoining states of India.) Although these states have spent massive amounts to control the pollution, they are unable to combat it due to negligible efforts by the Bangladesh government. Thus, if a the global community gathers some funds from the rich nations and allocates it them to the poor countries, it will help them to combat pressing issues such as global warming and pollution.

To recapitulate, although some people think that environmental issues should be solved domestically, I believe that every country should join hands with one another to eradicate them.

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