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IELTS Essay Correction: Newspapers Vs Other Media.

Some people think that newspapers are the best way to learn the news. However, others believe that they can learn news better through other media. Discuss both views and give your opinion.


People have a tendency to be informed about what is happening in their surroundings or even in the world. For serving such a purpose, individuals opt for various news media. (The first two sentences can be combined as: To stay informed about their surroundings and the world, people use various news media.) Some people believe that reading newspapers is the best approach for following way to follow news compared to other forms, including podcasts or online websites. I, however, consider the digital media more beneficial and practical.

Generally, the reliability of paper media, specifically especially newspapers, is adorable (It can’t be adorable. Please check its dictionary meaning. How can reliability be adorable?). Articles or different pieces of news released on newspapers Newspaper articles (Convey the same message in fewer words.) are often perceived trustworthy since the content is carefully gathered and thoroughly analyzed. (Not the optimum words. LR issue.) materials are gathered and processed under a thoughtful analysis. (analysis = process. How can gathering be analysed?) Sometimes it takes months for a reporter to investigate over a specific matter to be allowed to publish it. The veracity of the news together with the convenience this medium offers, by enabling readers to have a full control of the paper media, by highlighting different parts, make newspapers a good source for gaining information. (This sentence is too long. You’ve squeezed too much information in it and used too many words. This makes it hard to read and understand.) (The newspapers are a good source of information since they are not only honest but also convenient in terms of handling.) However, the issues they are published on a daily basis, meaning that it could not equipped readers so they can not equip the readers with the latest news. In this regard, this medium cannot compete with digital versions(Let us combine the last two sentences and write a complex sentence which is easy to understand: However, in a digital age when the news is updated every minute, the newspapers convey information on a daily basis which is considered too late.)

Other sources of news media, ranging from online (websites are always online.) websites to podcasts, (…. , ranging from X to Y, ……) offer more user-friendly features. Firstly, digital news platforms provide readers with up-to-the-minute news from all over the world. The importance of this could be seen in job holders (Who are these guys? I’m not sure. LR issue.) dealing with economic indicators. For example, brokers or Investment Banking advisories need to have an eagle eye to follow the prices of commodities or interest rates and pertaining news. Hardly, could they They can not wait for a day receiving tomorrow’s to receive the next day’s newspaper. (Many businesses such as brokers and investment bankers need economic data as soon as it is released to make timely decisions. Newspapers can not serve their purpose.) Secondly, digital news platforms are multimedia meaning that the news could be properly conveyed with an informative video to assist readers in grasping the concept of the news through a combination of text and video. (You use too many words to convey a message.) Thirdly, this medium is interactive and readers could can raise their questions and make the most out of others’ opinions in comments sections. Podcast news, on the other hand, (It is NOT on the other hand. It belongs to the family of digital media.) also enables listeners to gain information even when they are pressed for time; following the news even when they are at the wheel is a considerable advantage that could not be found in printed version of newspapers. (Write in fewer words: Podcast news, unlike newspapers, enables listeners to gain information even while driving or cooking food.)

In conclusion, given that there are several methods for following news, I believe that other sources of news such as online websites or podcasts deliver news more quickly across a variety of convenient platforms and, therefore, seem to be are better compared to than (X better than Y) newspapers. The online version of newspapers seems to be more practical compared to than (more X than Y) paper issues as well, as mentioned above(Of course, everything is mentioned above. No need to write this.)

More than 400 words. That’s too long. Remember that the more you write, the more you expose your mistakes.

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