Answer Checking

IELTS Letter Evaluation: Sell Television To A Friend.

You want to sell your television. You think a friend of yours might like to buy it from you. Send a letter to your friend and describe:

  • Why you are selling the television
  • Describe the television
  • Suggest a date when your friend can come and see it


Dear Payal,

How are things with you? I still remember your last visit at to my home and our whole night long conversation on childhood memories. (1) Well, I know that you are looking for a good conditioned second-hand T.V. and guess what? I can help you in with this. I am selling my LCD as I hardly get time to watch something on it due to my stressful work. (Please introduce the purpose of the letter here. The reasons should be explained in the next paragraph. See 1.)

1.  It is good that you’ve begun the letter with an informal sentence. But, that sentence has to be related to the essay’s context: I still remember your last visit to my home when we watched our favorite childhood shows together and you expressed a desire to purchase a television. I have decided to sell my LCD television and you can plan to buy it at a very reasonable price.

I know that a television is an important item of every home but for me, it is totally useless for me (2). My job demands a lot of overtime and I spend almost the whole day at office. Believe me, (unnecessary) I have not switched it on since for three weeks (since the 5th of January.). Therefore, I have decided to sell it and you came up to my mind as you told me that your children are demanding for the latest model of television. (This part should be in the introduction. This is the purpose of writing the letter.) 

2. Follow the normal (usual) sentence structure: Subject —> Verb —-> Object. Try not to invert it.

As you already know had a look, that it is a 36 inch LCD of Samsung. I and I bought it four months ago, worth for Rs. 50,000. It has a two-year warrantee warranty and is in good (perfect/ excellent) condition with important accessories such as remote and cable. 

I think you should come to my place and take a look at it. make this item yours. I will be free after February and the 3rd of March will be the best time for us to meet. Also, it is a weekend and we will get a chance to spend a some quality time with each other. 

Looking forward to for your reply

With best wishes, 


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