Answer Checking

IELTS Letter Evaluation: An Interesting Website.

You have found an interesting website. Write a letter to your friend to tell about the website.

Describe what the website is

Explain why the website is interesting

Tell how this website will help him


Dear Jane, 

(1) I hope you’re doing well. I was surfing the Internet when I came across with a practical and useful website namely “”. Since we’ve got we have similar objectives to attain, I thought it would be a good idea to share with you my finding!

1. After reading your letter’s second paragraph, I’ve learned that this is a podcast aggregator. Most students begin a letter with “I hope you’re doing well”. There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s just that since most students write this way, examiners believe this is a crammed statement. It is not you. Here’s another opening statement: I hope you’re enjoying listening to ABC’s podcasts on the History of Iran that I shared with you last month. You will be delighted to learn that I have found an exciting website that aggregates podcasts from different parts of the world.

Actually, (Does not add any value to your sentence. This word rarely adds value to any sentence.) I’ve I have found this website thoroughly informative and helpful. In a word, it’s It is a podcast aggregator. (It is a podcast aggregator and I have found it very informative and helpful.) It provides you with an array of fields to choose from, (Ranging from should be placed next to the word it modifies.) It helps you choose from a wide array of fields ranging from global news to psychology, all in the English language. This is not all. F Moreover, for each episode, you’ll you will have the privilege of accessing the transcripts freely. freely the full descriptions. (I didn’t get this. What do you mean by descriptions?) Also, after signing up, you can categorize select (LR issue. You select favorite topics. Not categorize them.) your favorite topics. So in the following days, you will just receive and the website regularly updates you on them. 

Sentence structuring is an important issue in the above paragraph. Some sentences are too small and simple. Connect them with another sentence in a suitable manner.

I think know that we’ve we have been searching for more than five months to find (searching = find) a good source for enhancing our listening skills for more than five months. (NOTE that the TIME OBJECT is always placed at the end of a sentence. OR, it is placed as an introducer. Do not place it before another object.) I believe that this website not only could increase our listening skill but it can improve our dictation while checking the transcript description. As I know, you waste most of your precious time at the wheel spend most of your time driving, (I’m sure she is not wasting time. Why clearly – driving.) so by using this website, you can make the best out of your time while commuting. If you devote an hour a day to listening to its podcasts for this, I am deadly sure you will be able to get a (score is a verb. No need to use another verb.) score above 8 in the listening skill module of the IELTS exam.

Please don’t do not hesitate and use its freely-offered services and let me know how you feel about it.

Kind Regards,


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