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IELTS Letter Correction: Deposit Of Rented Apartment.

You paid a refundable deposit when you rented an apartment. You left the apartment in good condition but the landlord won’t return your deposit.

Write a letter to the landlord. In your letter

  • explain why you are writing
  • ask for the return of your deposit
  • inform the landlord of possible legal action


Dear Jacob,

I have spent five years at your apartment and it was such a commendable wonderful (an excellent) (experience can’t be commendable – praiseworthy.) experience for me. During this period, (Period = time. Don’t write both. Also, this is an introducer.) of time I have paid the rent well before the set dates, but, unfortunately, I am not getting the same reciprocation from your side. I am writing to remind you for of the return of the deposit that you have not paid me yet. (I am writing to remind you that I have not received the refundable deposit yet.) 

It is has been more than three months since I left your apartment. You have thoroughly checked each and every thing in the house including paint, conditions of the door(maintain parallelism), and furniture, and found them in a good condition at the time of checkout. Therefore, I am entitled to receive the deposited money of INR 10000.

We have a friendly relation that I do not want to spoil. Thus, you should return the deposit to me within a few days. I hope you are aware of the legal rights of a tenant. I have enclosed the copy of the receipt of the deposit and NOC, which you have given gave (maintain the simple past tense) me when I vacated the house, with this letter. It would be better for both of us to solve the matter outside the court.

Looking forward for to your response.

Yours sincerely,

Amritpal Singh.

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