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IELTS Letter Correction: Leave Football Team.

You are a football player, but you have to leave the team for a while. Write a letter to your team-mate and say.

– Why you have to leave

– How much you love the football team

– When you are coming back


Dear Jim,

I hope this letter finds you in radiant health and the best of the spirits. (1) I am writing this letter to inform you that (Many students write this standard statement. Avoid this tendency. See 1.) I shall not be able to play football for some time because of some unforeseen incident that happened yesterday. 

1. Instead of writing a standard statement, which many other students may be copying, write a context based, original statement. Your friend is a footballer. You could have written the opening paragraph as: I hope your practice for the upcoming European Football League matches is going well. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, I will not be able to play the game for the next few months.

Unfortunately, while going back to home after yesterday‘s practice session, I meet with an accident, which caused some a serious injury in my right ankle and restricted its movement. My doctor has advised me to take complete bed-rest for two months. So I have to take a break from playing football for a while.

As I haven’t have not missed a day playing the game football from for the last couple of years, this break seems too long for me. I will miss the entire team, including the coach and all the players team members (how are ‘team members’ different from ‘entire team’?). According to the doctors, it will take around three months for me to recover my the ankle and join the field again. I am hoping to join play football back in April, if not sooner.

Hoping to see you guys soon.

Yours Lovingly,

Paras Dhawan 

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