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IELTS Letter Correction: Advice About A Problem At Work.

A friend has written to you asking for advice about a problem at work. You have had a similar problem in the past. Write a reply to your friend. In your letter:

  1. Tell your friend you understand the problem
  2. Explain what happened to you in the past
  3. Suggest possible solutions to the problem.


Hi Dany,

I hope this letter finds you in radiant health and the best of spirits. I received your letter yesterday in which you describe your the problem that you are unable (….. in which you expressed your inability to …..) to communicate appropriately with your a foreign client. I can easily correlate with it since I have experienced a similar issue at my company also. So I decided to share my experience with you and suggest some possible solutions to overcome it.

During my probation period at ABC limited my company, my the (There’s too much ‘my’ in this sentence.) manager asked me to start taking client calls of the clients from western countries to resolve their (1) doubts. Since I lack English speaking skills, I found it quite hard to communicate effectively with them. I overcame it by taking online English speaking classes from a famous tutor in Mumbai.

1. Please note that the pronoun ‘their‘ needs the noun ‘clients’.

Thus, I would recommend you to either start practicing speaking at home or take an online sessions from this teacher of English speaking course. To practice by yourself, you can start by writing your thoughts in a notepad and checking it on Grammarly. I will provide you with the credential of the account on a call(What does this mean? Makes no connection with the previous sentences.)

I hope these suggestions will help you overcome the problem. you can quickly figure out a solution.

Yours lovingly,

Himan Dhawan

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