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IELTS Essay Correction: Interview As Key To A Job.

The first impression is important. Some people think that doing well in interviews is the key to securing a good job. To what extent do you agree and disagree?


Some people believe that performing well in interviews is the only criteria for securing way to secure a decent job. (Key = the only way. Criterion = a standard to judge someone. The two words have different meanings.) I disagree with the view since I think that these (No need to write ‘I think’. You’ve already written ‘I disagree’.interviews do not provide insights into the cooperation skills of a person. His regular performance is necessary to secure a good job. (Reserve this for the body paragraphs.)

Firstly, during an interview, (Obviously, an interviewer takes an interview. No need to write both. This will count as a word repetition.) an interviewer can only judge measure/ ascertain (word repetition: judgethe technical skills of a person, whereas cooperation skills are hard to judge since it requires they require (You’re referring to skills. A plural.) a team and situation. Many technically sound people can lack cooperation skills which may hamper their performance in an organisation. It can result in losing They can even lose their job despite having sound technical knowledge. (1) For instance, a friend of mine, who was good at computer languages such as Java, Swift was fired by his company due to his bad rude/ harsh/ inappropriate behaviour with his colleagues. He always incorporates violates the timeline decided by the team and creates unnecessary friction between the team members. (1)

1. Your argument should be built around INTERVIEW and its shortfalls in judging a candidate. Severe loss of TR. The question is: doing well in interviews is the key to securing a good job. Are they the key or not? You’ve not answered that question. The same applies to BP 2. This is a severe loss of TR.

Secondly, regular performance is a vital criterion to secure a decent job. A person may be able to answer all the questions in an interview, but if his performance degrades with time due to any distraction, he may lose his job. it can result in losing that job for him. (Who is losing the job? The subject is missing. You’ve commited this mistake in the first body paragraph as well.) A recent survey revealed that, in India, the primary reason behind the firing of individuals in the IT sector in 2019 is their poor performance. Their productivity decreases by 50 per cent than before, which invokes companies to hire freshers to replace them. (I can’t see the role of interviews. Are they the key to secure a good job? Or, are there some other criteria that are more important than interviews? If you disagree, you HAVE to write about the other criteria – group discussions, handwriting analysis, communication skills tests, technical skills tests, etc.) 

To recapitulate, although some people believe that performing in interviews is the primary key to securing a good job, I think that these interviews only show the technical side of a person (The question is NOT about shortcomings of interviews. It is whether interviews help secure a good job or not?). To ensure a job, he should cooperate with his colleagues and regularly perform in the team. (But, if he cooperates, he is already in the job. He has secured it. The question is about things that are KEY to secure a job.)

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