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IELTS Essay Correction: Keep Home And Workplace Tidy.

Some people say it is important to keep your home and your workplace tidy, with everything organized and in the correct place.

What is your opinion about this?


Many people believe that keeping home and workplace neat and clean is important. Also, and everything at home and office should be kept in it’s its (need a pronoun here.) desired place. I firmly agree with the opinion since it will create a healthy environment for living and working, and increase productivity at work. (Multiple repetitions of work and home.)

Many people believe that home and workplace should be neat and everything should be at its proper place. I firmly agree with this view since it creates a healthy atmosphere for living and working and increases personal and professional productivity.

Firstly, cleanliness around a person keeps him healthy. If he doesn’t make efforts to keep his home clean, many insects can start living in his home (word repetition), which can give birth to deadly diseases such as dengue and malaria. (If he does not make efforts to keep him home clean, mosquitoes may breed and spread diseases such as dengue and malaria.) Thus, he should regularly clean his living space to stay away from these diseases. (This sentence does not add value. Write a more specific and meaningful sentence. Thus, he should keep his house dust-free, prevent the accumulation of water, and spray disinfectants in all nooks and corners regularly.) Moreover, if everything is well-organized in a home, it becomes easy for him to search for important things such as keys, bank documents, and many more, which otherwise can be a serious headache if lost.

Secondly, at office, a person’s productivity increases indirectly significantly (why indirectly? It directly impacts productivity.) if his workstation is neat and clean. A recent research on the productivity of employees reveals that the productivity (I think you wanted to write cleanliness or organised space.) cleanliness has a psychological effect on their work. It increases by ten percent if their table is regularly cleaned by office staff. In addition, if they organize arrange (word repetition) their documents and files in their private drawer in an organized manner, they (don’t repeat the word document. Rather, use the pronoun ‘THEM’ to refer back to it.) can find them easily find it easy to search any document if needed. It also shows the responsibility of a person towards his job. (RESPONSIBILITY seems to be another idea. Please explain it completely. Try to write about 280+ words.) A cluttered and dirty desk is an indication of a lack of interest in a job and that person may be performing his tasks in a less efficient manner.

To recapitulate, a person should maintain the hygiene of his home and workplace and keep the things organized to stay healthy. It also increases his productivity at work.

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