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IELTS Letter Correction: Two Week Holiday.

An English speaking friend wants to spend a two week holiday in your region and has written asking for information and advice. write a letter to your friend. In your letter

 1. offer to find somewhere to stay

 2. give advice about what to do

 3. give information about what clothes to bring.


Dear John,

I had (Wrong tense. Past perfect = past of past. There is only ONE past in this sentence.) received your letter last Sunday and I am glad that you have decided to spend your summer holidays at my place, in Shimla. I wish, (wrong punctuation) I could meet you but, unfortunately, I have many work deadlines that I have to meet in next month. (Do not repeat the word ‘meet’. It is better to write: I wish I could help you explore this wonderful city but, unfortunately, I have a few business meetings that I can not avoid.) However, I am sure that you and your family and you will enjoy your holidays to the fullest.

As you asked in the letter about a good family hotel, (There is no need to write this) I recommend you that you should stay in Jungle Launge Hotel, near the mall road of Shimla. (I think the Taj Palace hotel near the Mall road is the most suitable for your family’s needs.) The services and facilities that they are providing are great (How? Be specific.). (The hotel’s staff is well-mannered and, unlike budget hotels, is used to welcoming foreigners. The room service is timely and housekeeping is excellent.) Moreover, there is a playground for children where your child can explore various outdoor and indoor games.

There are many spots where that you must visit. There is an ancient Hindu Shiv temple next to the mall road. It has religious background (Can you write a bit more specific?) and I think whole family should spend some time there. Next, there is a very popular restaurant, Timber Trail, which is famous for the delicious food as well as local vegetation and flower fields.

I am sure that the whole family will spend a quality time with the pure nature. Also, I recommend you to bring winter clothes such as jackets and coats with you (unnecessary words.) as the weather will become quite cooler in next month. (Also, I recommend carrying winter clothes …….)

I hope the above information will give you benefit you and will make your holiday memorable.

Best Wishes,


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