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IELTS Essay Correction: Pictures More Effective Than Words.

News stories on TV and in newspapaer are very often accompanied by pictures. Some people say that these pictures are more effective than words.

What is your opinion about this?


Many news articles on TV and print media have pictures along with the textual content. Some people argue that these images the former have a greater impact on the viewer or reader as compared to than the latter words written aside. (It is better to use ‘the former’ and ‘the latter‘ to avoid the repetition of words.) (Correct construction is: X greater than Y.) I entirely agree with the statement as visual content effectively attracts consumer’s attention and provides quick information to them(Note that THEM does not refer to CONSUMER. Why? There is no CONSUMER in your sentence. There’s only CONSUMER’S ATTENTION.)

New channels and newspapers have hired hire many photographers to capture photos images/ pictures of the (this is NOT a specific incident) an incident in their camera, which are used to place placed under the top news (= headlines) headlines of a day. Since people are more attracted to visuals than text, these photos prove as an effective medium for the companies (Which companies? Where do these fit in this essay? Loss of TR.) to spread their word effectively. (2) Moreover, these images have a long-lasting impact on people. Though they tend to forget about the factual content of the news, the pictures stay in their mind for long.

2. Loss of TR. Please note that your first point is that visual content attracts a consumer’s attention while text does not. You’ve NOT explained it at all. How are “pictures more effective than words”? Here’s how you could have done this: Newspapers hire photographers to capture images of people and events every day because people are attracted to visual content. (EXPLAIN through comparison.) Newspapers often use difficult words that most readers can not understand. Consequently, they are unable to read and understand effectively, but they can easily grasp the message through visual content. While a consumer may be unable to read an article on an accident, he will instantly grasp the message through its image.

Additionally, since these days people are extremely busy with their work or family, they do not have much time to spend on reading long texts. Consequently, they only prefer watching news with interesting images or informative infographics, (wrong punctuation. There is no comma before SO THAT.) so that they can skip reading wordy paragraphs. News media often place brief textual information over the image to provide a quick summary of the linked news. Therefore, consumers save a significant amount of time watching the picture instead of reading the long text.

To recapitulate, pictures are an excellent medium to convey the news information to the viewers in a short time, while textual content does not attract them, and takes up a lot of their essential time.

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  1. Thank you so much sir You’re amazing. I just followed you. As a result I got 7 band in writing. I don’t have have your number. Otherwise I would have called you in person. Thank you so much sir…may god bless you


    • Hi Stijo. I’m glad my website played an instrumental role in your IELTS writing journey. The purpose of this website is to help every student score 7+ by learning from the community. A student can learn a lot from the mistakes of other students. I wish you best in all future endeavours.


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