Answer Checking

IELTS Letter Correction: Insufficient Sports Facilities.

There are insufficient sports facilities in your hometown for people your age. Write a letter to the local council. In your letter

 – Tell them where you live

 – Describe the problem

 – Explain what you would like them to do about it


Dear Sir/Mam,

My name is John, (Write your name at the end of the latter. Never in the introduction.) and I stay at Carlton Street, Ottawa. (Ah! The fond memories of Ottawa! Beautiful place.)  I am writing this letter (Avoid this.) to highlight the issue of the lack of sports facilities in this area for young people aged between twenty to twenty-five. Although many parks are available, they are only suitable for the older generation or kids. 

I have been living at Carleton street, Ottawa, for the last five years and I am an active member of the local sports club. Though it has numerous activities for the elderly and kids, there are almost none for those between the age groups of twenty and twenty-five.

Since As you are aware that our country has participated is participating (will participate) (HAS can’t refer to the future.) in 2021 Asian Sports Competition, it is imperative for the young ones to practice hard for the next one year. before appearing in the finale (FINALE is for musical or theatrical performances. Not for sports. LR issue.). Because of the unavailability of the a sports center, (Can you write a bit more specifically?) many individuals are thinking of withdrawing their names from the competition which will impact the country’s reputation. (Because of the unavailability of a tennis court, a badminton court, and a gymnasium, we may not win any medal in a number of events.)

I request you to look into the issue mentioned above (Of course he will. Just mention the things you want him to do.) and plan to construct at least two sports centers for indoor and outdoor games separately. (I request the council to urgently construct two sports centers for indoor and outdoor games. Also, you should hire excellent coaches, physiotherapists, dieticians so that our team can compete with the best sportspersons from other countries. I am sure, this will ensure a few extra gold medals for Canada.) It will not only help people to learn new games but also keep them physically fit(Explain the sports centers. Explain the point. Also, your purpose is to win the games. Not to keep people fit. Do not digress.)

I will be waiting to hear from you soon.

Eagerly waiting for your response,

Yours faithfully,


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