Answer Checking

IELTS Essay Correction: Online Reading Material.

Some people believe online reading material should only be used for a child to learn to read, whereas others believe only printed material should be used. Discuss both views and give your opinion.


Study material plays an important role to engage in engaging (the correct preposition with ‘role’ is ‘in’.) the (these are not specific children) children in education. Many individuals think that e-books should be the primary source to improve the reading skills of children because they are more attracted toward electronic gadgets, and these books require negligible space (let us restructure) they are attractive and require negligible space. Others believe that paper-based books are still the a popular means of providing knowledge as they have less health fallouts and are useful to improve for improving the concentration of children. I agree with the latter point of view.

School children like to operate various electronic devices such as laptops, desktops and mobile phones. They prefer to study from the screen over the printed material. (This conveys the same message as the previous sentence. Explain why they prefer to use electronic means.) They find interactive media and video explanations more interesting and exciting than monotonous, text-based information in the books. Moreover, online books and journals can be easily stored and used wherever required. This is not possible in the case of hard copies because children have to carry a huge weight if they want to study different books at different locations. A school textbook, for instance, weighs 200 g on an average, and children are asked to carry five to six similar books in their bag on regular basis, however, (wrong use of HOWEVER.) . In comparison, the content of more than the thousands of a thousand books can be stored in a single phone or laptop which normally weighs up to 500g.

On the other hand, paper books are safe for the eyes of children (for children’s eyes) when they read for long hours. Unlike the online material, these books do not emit harmful waves which not only put strain on the eyes of readers but also increase the mental pressure on them. (Alternate construction: … waves that put a strain on readers’ eyes and increase mental pressure.) According to various health experts, the maximum daily screen time allowed for an average person is two hours in a day but, children have to study for at least five to six hours daily (choose a place where you have to write DAILY once and it conveys the message twice (in a day).) in today’s competitive environment. Additionally, when they carry the hard copy of study material in their hand, they get emotionally and mentally attached to it which helps to enhance their learning because they spend a considerable time on reading it.

To conclude, in my opinion, traditional ways to improve the reading habits of kids are largely effective as well as safe as compared to the modern modes of learning. Therefore, instead of e-books, printed study material should be promoted.

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