Answer Checking

IELTS Letter Correction: Return For Family Event.

You are studying overseas. You need to return to your country before the end of the semester for a family event. Write a letter to your supervisor. In your letter:

  • Request time off
  • Explain why you need to leave early
  • Reassure him / her that your studies will not suffer

Begin your letter as follows: Dear Mr / Ms _______


Dear Ms. Kapoor,

This letter is to inform you that my family is organizing a grand birthday party for my grandfather’s 100th birthday on the 10th of May. Since my presence in this family event is extremely important, I need to go back to India. Thus, I request you to approve my leaves for two weeks.

Although my parents are managing most of the tasks, my brother and I have decided to reach home at least a week before the event to help them out with major arrangements. Therefore, I have to leave in the last week of April. (Don’t repeat April.) I am planning to book my flight tickets for the 24th of April 2020.

I am aware that final semester exams are due in May end, which is just three days (you need to give the exact date to claim that it is just 3 days after your return.) after I am returning I will return to the United States. (I am aware that I will get only three days to prepare for the final semester exams after my return on the 22nd of May.) I promise to study over-time now to cover up compensate for the loss of time (please read coverup’s exact meaning in the dictionary.) and assure you that this family event will not affect my studies.

I hope you will approve the time-off requested.

Yours Sincerely,


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