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IELTS Letter Correction: A Friend’s Invitation.

A friend you met last year has invited you to visit him/her in his/her country. You have never been there before and need some information before you leave.

Write a letter to your friend. In your letter:

  • request advise about a gift for his/her family
  • ask about activities and clothing in his/her country
  • find out about the food


Dear Alice,

I am really excited to meet about meeting you next month after such a long time. (Plain, casual introductory sentence. Good! But, there is a grammar issue. “to meet” is mostly used to mention about meeting in the present. “about meeting + date” = future.) I wonder how beautiful your country would be in real (poor usage of words and sentence structure to express ideas. – 1) as I have seen a lot of pictures on the internet. Before leaving from (do not use from with leave.) India, I want to take some suggestions from you regarding the food, clothes and other items.

1. The right manner to express ideas: I am sure your country is more beautiful in reality than it is in pictures.

First of all, as I have never met your family, I am not sure about the choices of your parents. I want (You’ve used the word want multiple times. Avoid word repetitions.) am planning to buy a gift for them but I am confused between clothes or and (2) some piece of decoration. You need to help me in with this because I want it to be useful for them.

2. The construction “between X or Y” is wrong. The correct construction is “between X and Y”.

Apart from this, I need some information on the Canadian weather during the month of December. Although I have read many articles related to the weather of Canada, I am unable to decide what sort of clothes I should carry with me. I will be staying in your country for a month or more, therefore, give me the advice accordingly(TR issue – Ask about activities.)

Lastly, as you know that I am a pure (Either you are a vegetarian or not. There is nothing called PURE vegetarian. LR issue.) vegetarian, is (Is this a question? If yes, where is the appropriate punctuation?) there any need for me to bring certain types of food with me. (Lastly, I am concerned about Canadian food as I have never visited the country.) I started asking such questions when after I faced a lot of difficulties during my visit to Taiwan because I was unable to get vegetarian food without much effort (UNABLE + without much effort? Seems weird. That’s impossible.) and by spending a huge amount of money.

The above paragraph fails to clearly communicate your concerns about food in best possible words. Let us give another try: Lastly, I am concerned about Canadian food as I have never visited the country. I read on the internet that most Canadian dishes are non-vegetarian and, as a vegetarian, I can not consume that food. I faced similar issues during my visit to Taiwan last year. I am sure you are aware of Indian restaurants that offer vegetarian dishes only.

I hope that you will plan and take care of me in your nation. (Of course, she will. This is so rude and un-diplomatic.)

I wish to see you soon.

See you soon,


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