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IELTS Letter Evaluation: Tour Guide’s Help During Trip.

You recently went on a trip and throughout that the tour guide was particularly helpful. Now you would like to show him/her appreciation.

Write a letter to the manager of the tour company. 

In your letter, 

-Describe your tour 

-Explain why you liked the tour guide 

-Say what you would like the manager to do to reward the tour guide.

Dear Mr. Singh

I am writing this letter (1) to express my appreciation towards (2) the guide who was provided to me during my trip to Rajasthan by your company. I availed your services for this family holiday tour last month in which we visited several parts of the state.

1. This is so standard that most students begin their letter with “I am writing this letter”. I strongly suggest writing more originally. This seems crammed up from a text book. Let us use the second sentence as the first sentence. It seems more natural. “My family and I availed your company’s services during our trip to Rajasthan last month. (Set the context in the first sentence. Come to the issue in the second sentence.) During the trip, Mr. Roshan Lal, our tour guide, not only helped us understand the local culture but also the state’s geography and we wish to express our appreciation for his exquisite service.”

2. It is advisable to use APPRECIATION FOR something (action, etc). I appreciate your efforts in combating Covid 19.

Note that the previous paragraph is the introduction. The next is about “Why you liked the tour guide”. The question on “Describe the tour” is unanswered. At least add one sentence on this point.

Our tour consisted of visiting various palaces and forts in the state along with a visit to the famous sand dunes. I was particularly interested in studying the vegetation of the desert state. The guide (3) He was well-versed with all the destination spots and explained us the cultural and historical background of the places which not only added to our knowledge but made the tour quite enjoyable and interesting. Apart from this, we were extremely amazed by his linguistic ability proficiency in English as he spoke like a native speaker. Even my children and parents were very comfortable talking to him.

3. You’ve used the word GUIDE in the previous sentence. Now, I do not suggest using the same word or a synonym for “guide”. Rather, you should use a PRONOUN.

I would (why WOULD? You are already requesting. You’re not WISHING of making a request.) request you to acknowledge his outstanding skills and offer him a well-deserved promotion. He can act as an efficient trainer to the new joinees of your company. I hope you will consider my recommendation favourably.

I look forward to hearing from you. (Understand the context of the letter. You’re making a request. Not a complaint. Also, you are not in a position of a superior. You need to be more polite. This matters in the IELTS exam.)

I look forward to another wonderful trip with your company.

Yours sincerely,


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