Answer Checking

IELTS Letter Evaluation: A Problem At Work.

A friend has written to you asking for advice about a problem at work. You have had a similar problem in past.

Write a reply to your friend. In your letter:

  • tell your friend you understand the problem
  • explain what happened to you in the past 
  • suggest possible solutions to the problem 


This is an excellent response. The student has not only answered the question appropriately but also ensured logical flow of ideas. There are very few grammar mistakes. 

Dear John,

I received your letter last week regarding the issue you are facing at your workplace. I have been through the same situation last year, so I would like to share my experience with you which might help you.

I could can (1) very well understand how a person feels if his efforts are not acknowledged and credit for his work is given to someone else. It is quite difficult to work in such an environment. I faced a similar situation last year when my promotion was due but despite of (do not use any preposition with DESPITE.) all my efforts at work, I was not promoted. When I discussed the matter with my manager, she was not able to give any satisfactory response. Later, I came to know that one of my colleagues took all the credit for my work. I was not having did not have (your tense is not wrong. But, some tenses are more appropriate than others in a particular context.) any evidence to prove him wrong at that time, so I had to accept the situation.

1. COULD is the past form of CAN.

Now, I would suggest you to discuss everything with your manager in detail without any delay so that he can take appropriate action. Further, I would advise you to be cautious when you are working in a team. Do (Try writing something else instead of ‘DO’.) all the communications via emails (Also, use email for all official communications …..) so that you can keep a record of them.

I hope you will be able to resolve this problem soon. Feel free to contact me whenever required.

With regards


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